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Conical cork stopper

A conical cork is something without which it is impossible to imagine the process of making wine.

In the online store "Private Mark" can buyeverything for winemaking.wine bottle,cork stopper,grape seedlings,home wine making booksand everything imaginable.

In chapter "bottle stopper» there are many different options for traffic jams. You can choose what suits your business, drink and bottle.

Tapered cork is a bestseller that will never go out of style.Stopper for hermetic corking of a bottlemade to ensure that the liquid in the bottle does not oxidize, as well as to ensure that wine, cognac and other alcoholic beverages retain their properties for many years.

There are several types of corks. The most common variant isnatural cork. It fits snugly to the neck of the bottle and allows the drink to breathe - the bottles do not crack and the wine does not lose its taste properties. If the drink is stored for a long time (more than a few years), then a whole cork oak cork is used. This trend is found in brandy products, as well as in the wine sector. For wines that have a short exposure and are drinks with a short shelf life, micro-granulated, clogged, agglomerated, combined corks are used.

"Private Mark» offers you three types of corks: solid, combined and agglomerated corks.Whole corkused for drinks with a long shelf life.Combined cork stopper- This is an excellent option for storing champagne, sparkling wines.Agglomerated corksuitable for wines and alcoholic beverages with a short shelf life.

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Please note that you canbuy wine corks with logo, as well as order cork stoppers with your logo . You also have the opportunitybuy sealing wax for decorating bottles. Sealing wax will not only look beautiful on the bottle, but also protect corks from dust and bacteria that can spoil the taste of wine, cognac or other alcoholic beverages.

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