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Medical supplies

In the field of trade, it is difficult to find a reliable wholesale supplier of goods, because their number is not only large, but is increasing every day. The most optimal and alternative option isonline store "Privatnaya Marka". We deliver all goods on time, and we also have low prices from the manufacturer for all products. In addition, we are actively working with many CIS countries, and for quality service we have delivery to most CIS countries, so you can buy cheap goods online, we also have fast delivery across Ukraine. Quality things are always inexpensively available in the Vinodel chain of stores in Kyiv (5 minutes walk from the metro station Heroes of the Dnieper and Slavutych). This store provides a free consultation, as well as by phone you can discuss all the questions that interest you. It is here that the opportunity is provided to buy goods wholesale or retail inexpensively.

Medicine always requires only the best equipment, and everything else. We are talking not only about public hospitals, but also about private clinics. They all need medical supplies. You can buy medical supplies on our website in the section "Glassware". Only here are high-quality medical supplies that will be used for a long time. With the help of our store you can buy cheap medical supplies wholesale and retail in Ukraine. You can get the necessary information about any product, for this the site contains everything you need. Here you can also learn how to properly store medical supplies at home.All products are of high quality and have a long service life, so you can buy high-quality medical supplies cheaply wholesale and retail... In particular, on our website there are various kinds of syringes, each of which has a different volume, and can be used for various needs, even at home.

Medical supplies- this is something that no medical institution can do without, and therefore our online store provides you with the opportunity to buy medical supplies in the right quantity, and for various operations. It is also possible to buy medical supplies wholesale and retail. In order to be vaccinated, or to inject liquid, it is worthbuy a 3-component syringe "Voles" 2 ml. This model is available in various volumes, from 2 ml to 50 ml. The site canbuy system for blood transfusion (PC) "Voles". There are also systems for transfusion of solutions, namely "Voles" (PR).

Therefore, do not hesitate and buy only high-quality medical supplies.