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Crockery and kitchen accessories

Crockery and kitchen accessories

Each person visits the kitchen several times a day and, for sure, knows, if not all, then many items that are associated with this room. Based on what is most often cooked, a basic set of kitchen accessories is formed, the list of which can be very long. But they all have in commonhigh quality and safetybecause they are in direct contact with food.

The main thing when choosing dishes and accessoriesfor kitchenis the material of manufacture. Manufacturers use different materials. Depending on the purpose and operating conditions, kitchen products can be metal, ceramic, glass, plastic and silicone.

Metal kitchen utensils

Cast ironheats up perfectly, so it is most suitable for frying and grilling food or for languishing in the oven. Thick-walled cast dishes made of this material are not afraid of overheating and deformation, heating occurs evenly over the entire surface, which has a natural non-stick effect. These can be such kitchen items:

  • Cauldron 39 x 16 cm for 9 liters with a steel lid;
  • Cast iron saucepan 24cm with ADRA lid;
  • Wok 26 cm per 1L with removable handle, etc.

Copperreacts instantly to changes in temperature, so it is easier to control cooking in it. The antibacterial properties of this metal compensate for the lack of a ban on working with acidic products. Copper kitchen utensils are also chosen for their attractive appearance, which will decorate any kitchen and dining room. It could be:

  • Frying pan RISOLI;
  • MATU tea set;
  • Gouveia kitchen utensils set;
  • Oval mold for cake, etc.

Stainless steelcan be used for different types of dishes and kitchen items, because its main advantage is corrosion resistance. From above, the products are covered with a matte or mirror polish, which adds strength and attractiveness to them. For example:

  • Bowl with handle 5L MESA;
  • Dryer for dishes and cutlery;
  • Sets of kitchen knives;
  • Ladle 16cm with Alcaudete lid.

Enamelwareirreplaceable in cooking, table setting, for heat treatment and cold dishes, for storage and transportation. Such objects are made of steel or cast iron and covered with heat-resistant enamel in several layers.

Ceramic and glassware

Ceramics retain heat for a long time, so food and water in such dishes will be hot longer, and storing dry bulk products will prevent mold and bugs. There are several types of ceramics:

  • earthenware - the strength of the material is lower and the dishes are thicker-walled, molds or a baking dish, cups are made from it,tagine with ceramic lid 27cm Cadalso;
  • porcelain - a refined look gives a snow-white tint, very durable dishes. It can be a dinner or tea service.

Glass kitchen utensilscan be heat-resistant, which can withstand heating up to 400 degrees and a smooth change in temperature: pots, baking dishes, goose androaster with lid 42cm Arkansas.

There are more than 30 types of tableware for serving made of hardened glass: goblets, glasses, jugs,candy bowl Leafand much more.All these products are fired at 700 degrees, followed by cooling air blowing. They also include variousjars for conservationand bottles.

Plastic and silicone kitchen accessories

Plastic dishes are designed for storing bulk products and liquids, as well as for more convenient storage of food in the refrigerator and freezing in special containers. itcontainers of various shapes and sizes(vessels, canisters, buckets, jars, bottles, etc.) made of polyethylene terephthalate - a popular material for bottles and household containers, and polypropylene - extremal, which is not afraid of high temperatures, many chemicals.

Silicone as a material for the kitchen is not very common, butsilicone molds for bakingand shoulder blades very comfortable and durable to use. And also silicone in the kitchen is used in the form of a mat for drying dishes.

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