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Crystal tableware and decorative items

The name of crystal comes from the Greek name for quartz, transparent as ice - "crystal". But the idea of creating modern crystal was first visited by the British, who, in order to achieve special optical properties and high density during glass melting, added lead oxide. naturalcrystalis made on the basis of quartz, but both options allow you to admire the multi-color overflows and flickering of light in the edges of products and the brilliance of surfaces, as well as hear the melodic, sonorous voice of crystal.

In the manufacturecolored crystalsubstances are used:

  • pure dark blue stains cobalt;
  • cadmium and gold compounds give the material a red color;
  • oxidation of manganese gives a unique lilac hue;
  • silicon forms a pink color;
  • copper oxide - rich green hue.

Unsurpassed crystals are made from such crystal.art objects, such asbig crystal swanvases, various decorative figurines and souvenirs, candy bowls, fruit vases,crystal salad bowl Ladyaetc.

clear crystaldecorated with polished facets, deep grooves that intersect to form a mesh pattern, a shallow engraved matte pattern, and a polished diamond edge. Such products, when light is refracted, form bright reflections of all colors of the rainbow. For example:set of crystal glasses"Northern Lights”, a gift set of two glasses, a crystal dish and much more.

To obtain a transparent edge, the product is polished with a mixture of sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid. Then it is thoroughly washed from chemicals, and there is a need to apply a matte face, creating a contrasting pattern.

diamond facethe masters apply by hand using first a large abrasive wheel and, in the end, with the smallest circle, bring the pattern to perfection. An example of such a productcrystal goblets of the Flame series with gildingand crystal set East.

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