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Stainless steel utensils and pots

Stainless steel utensils and pots

Stainless steelAISI brand is intended for the manufacture of kitchen and tableware, containers for storing various liquids, equipment and tools for the food industry, for catering establishments. It is alloyed with chromium, manganese and nickel, which makes it more resistant to corrosion.

food grade steelpart of the magnetic series and is very durable, easy to sanitize, resistant to various organic acids, has a shiny, matte and mirror surface. It is considered an excellent alternative to aluminum products. Made of steel:

  • different plates, bowls and basins aremultifunctional items, which are with a mirror very durable coating;
  • bowls of various shapes and sizes are applicable for cooking cold and hot dishes, as well as for a steam bath;
  • a mug-sieve, a grater, a colander and a watering can are necessary for any kitchen, they will last for more than one year, they are easy to clean and hygienic;
  • cutlery set, which includes knives, forks, spoons;
  • set of kitchen tools: ladle, slotted spoon, flat and slotted spatulas, whisk, potato masher and chef's fork. You can not worry that any object will break, bend, deform from high temperature;
  • frying pan, pot or kettle mademade of three layers: from two sheets of steel, between which there is aluminum, which allows heat to be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the product;
  • bread box made in USA Nabarimore hygienic than wood and plastic counterparts.


Carbon steel pans with an extra layer of aluminum are suitable for gas, electric and even the most demanding induction cooker. The inertness of the metal allows not to apply a protective layer, and the flexibility - to make an object of any shape:

  • a large cylindrical one can be used in the preparation of absolutely any product, the metal heats up quickly, so even impressive volumes of liquid will boil quickly;
  • pressure cooker andSteamer Laurenhave strength, reliability and, accordingly, durability. They consist of several modules, the products in them are steamed and simultaneously sterilized. In a pressure cooker, due to the sealed lid, pressure is created inside;
  • tagine is ideal for stewing in its own juice. The cone-shaped lid constantly circulates steam, it is not saturated with moisture, which does not unnecessarily moisten the dish;
  • saucepan andbucket with double bottom and metal lid 170mm, with good thermal conductivity for boiling water or milk, cooking small portions. With comfortable long handle.

The volume of the pan can be from 1 liter to 30.

The Vinodel chain of stores and the online store Privatnaya Marka has a wide range ofdishes and accessoriesmade of high quality (chromium-nickel) stainless steel. Also in the category of goods "stainless steel dishes and pots" there are several types of electrical appliances for the kitchen: a blender, coffee maker, juicer, etc.