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One of the oldest materials that man uses is consideredglass. Even then, humanity drew attention to the low thermal conductivity, hardness and strength of glass. Today, technology makes it possible to create real masterpieces from glass, as well as objects of mass use. They are durable, with a low price, which allowedglass productsbecome the most sought after.

Depending on the purpose, glass items are divided into household and dining items. Household - these are bottles, bottles, jugs, cans for conservation, storage containers, pots, kettles, baking dishes, roasters.

Household utensilsmade of transparent, translucent and colored glass (green, blue, red), depending on the purpose. Preservation jars are made of light-colored material, while dark glass is used for wine and champagne, which does not let light through.

The great advantage of glass containers is the use of special designs and unique container shapes, as well as the use as the only possible option for packaging many products.

Dinnerwarenumerous: from glasses and glasses to plates and trays. Products made of high-quality glass do not lose their luster, look sophisticated with a smooth surface without pores. Tableware should be symmetrical without chips, irregularities and blackouts, and also have the following properties:

  • impact resistance. Special hardening increases the resistance of the product to mechanical and thermal influences;
  • possibility to wash in the dishwasher. The design applied to the surface and its pure gloss must pass the test of aggressive detergents and, not at all delicate, washing in an automatic machine;
  • hygiene. The structure of the material, which has no pores, is safe, as it excludes the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • without the release of harmful substances. Glass should not affect the composition, taste, color and smell of the contents of the vessel or container.
The Vinodel chain of stores and the online store Private Label has a huge range of productsfor home use: jars, bottles, sets of jugs and glasses, bars, tea sets, bowls, candy bowls and much more. And also a worthy choice is presented to the attention of buyersdecorative itemsfrom glass, such as vases, decanters, sets of glasses and wine glasses, bottles for wine and spirits, kegs with a set of glasses, etc., which will be an excellent present or a source of pride in the household.