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The minimum table set includesspoon, fork and knife, without which no feast can do. An extended set may include dessert, tea and coffee spoons, a fish fork with two prongs, a dessert fork a little smaller than usual, for fruit: a three prong fork and a miniature spoon.

Cutleryserving type can be equipped with tongs, salad fork, dessert and pastry spatulas, sauce spoon, etc. An example of this kind would becutlery gift set Royal of 30 items.

The most common manufacturing material isstainless steel, in which 18% chromium and 10% nickel. It is also called "medical" for the lack of reaction to acid, salt and alkali. Steel products are durable, easy to clean, with a shiny surface that is formed after grinding. Stainless steel cutlery has a budget price, which is against the background ofgood qualitymakes them so popularCutlery gold on a stand set of 24 pieces).

Luxury grade material isnickel silver- a modern version of cupronickel. It consists of copper, zinc and nickel. Serving items are covered with silver, gold or blackening. Cutlery looks presentable and beautiful, and also has excellent performance properties, which makes their purchase a practical investment for decades.

How to choose a quality product

When choosing, do not focus on the price. If you follow simple steps, you canbuy quality cutlery:

  • The first indicator is brilliance. Depending on the steel marking, it can be white or grayish, but with a characteristic polishing sheen. If it is not there, and this is not justified by the design, then something is wrong with the metal or polish;
  • The teeth of the fork must be neither blunt nor sharp, and must not have a chipped appearance. A quality product is distinguished by excellent metal processing between the teeth;
  • metal thickness should be from 1.5 to 4 mm;
  • a flat spoon indicates consumer goods. The depth of a normal scoop should be from 7 to 10 mm.

Winemaking shops and the company Privatnaya Marka has a large range of productsfor table settingin a single version and in the form of sets that meet all quality parameters. In the list of goods you can also find: salt and pepper grinders, spice sets, sauce and syrup dispensers, napkin holders, cup coasters, various plate mats and much more.