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Decanters and vases

Decanters and vases- this is that wonderful attribute that certainly pleases the eyes with its beauty, uplifting with its aesthetics and good looks. It will be able to complement the window sill in your room with its sophistication, or tables in incredible establishments, or even serve as a gift for your dear person.

Buy carafes and vasesquite difficult, because they are made from a fragile exquisite material - glass, and in our case, not only glass, but also handmade, which cannot but rejoice, as it is very attractive and carries a special meaning. But this does not mean that ourdecanters and vasescrash halfway to you, not at all. We work hard on each product so that it is practical for the client, aesthetic, and most importantly - high quality and pleases you and your loved ones for a very long time. And we have been working on its transportation for more than one year, so we have already worked out such things very well. Therefore, there is no doubt that everything will arrive safe and sound (if you place an order in ouronline store "Privatnaya Marka", network of stores "Vinodel"). We are trusted by thousands of customers and quality assurance is our main merit, which we are very proud of.

After all, it is not so difficult to create a festive mood for yourself and your loved ones, and this will please anyone very, very much. If you give flowers to your loved one, it is best withvase,to such a tender present became even more sensual and brought much more joy, because the second half does not always have a container at home where you can store such a pleasant surprise, and also this is one of the types of manifestation of care that will definitely please her. BUTdecanterit will look very impressive and will be able to brighten up such unpleasant gray everyday life with multi-colored shades; and even the holiday table will become brighter with thisdecanterstanding in the center of guests' attention; will be able to fit in well with the original presentation of the gift, thereby emphasizing your creativity and presenting such a practical thing to the new owner.

Our online store "Private Mark", a chain of stores "Vinodel"We offer you a wide range ofvases and decanters, where you can find your own and buy it at a price from the manufacturer.