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Decorative gift sets

If you are looking for an original gift that will suit both men and women, then you can find something suitable.on the website of the online store "Privatnaya Marka".

Decorative gift sets- This is a great option for a gift.

You can chooseset of glasses. The glasses are packed in a sturdy box with a wooden base. The lodgment is covered with velvet. The design makes the gift more solid. Depending on the event and the person to whom the set is intended, you can choose the design of a decorative gift set of glasses.

We have sets of wine glasses with a unique pattern. No one will definitely have such wine glasses, especially since if you wish, you can come up with your own print on glass. You can chooseset of durable glass wine glasses in a gift boxand order with delivery across Ukraine and the CIS.

In the online store "Privatnaya Marka"can be founda set of jug with glasses in a wooden boxlined with velvet.

If you want a budget cheap gift set, then instead of a wooden box, you can choose a cardboard box. A cardboard box with a design is in no way inferior in design, but significantly reduces the price of a gift. You can order cheap martini glasses in a cardboard box and wrap the gift yourself with colored paper.

Orderdecorative gift setsnow and get discounts on your next orders. A gift set of glass products is a wonderful gift for an anniversary, engagement, wedding, birthday, New Year, Christmas, anniversary, professional holiday. Fast delivery across Ukraine and the CIS is guaranteed.