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Everything for the bath

The bath has always been a place that not only has a beneficial effect on health, but also relaxes well. If you decide to create a bath or just want to buy something, you can choose everything you need for a bath in our online store, as well as pick up really good accessories.

In the category "All for the bath" there is everything you need for an unforgettable pastime:

  • bath accessories;
  • aroma lamps;
  • bath brooms;
  • herbal teas, infusions, herbal baths;
  • steamers, tubs, gangs, ladles, tubs;
  • font, bucket-subfall;
  • benches, panels;
  • Gift Baskets ;
  • bath hats from the manufacturer;
  • essential oils, honey.

You can purchase these products wholesale or retail at an affordable price. Delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions, call our manager, or contact the offices.

Please note that if you create your own bathhouse or are the owner of a spa complex, then there is a system of discounts for wholesale buyers. Our site has everything you need to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Aroma lamps, various herbs, essential oils and honey - this is what every bath should have, because it not only creates a relaxed atmosphere, but is also very healthy. In addition to accessories, there are also gift sets that a person who is fond of this activity will surely like.

In the online store you can order wooden minibars, benches and panels - something that will definitely come in handy and create the necessary interior. Moreover, the products are made of high-quality materials that do not emit harmful substances and are resistant to water.