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The Internet has already captivated the hearts of billions of people. Many people prefer online shopping because it is economical and does not take much time. You can find a reliable supplier of wholesale goods and order everything quickly.Online store "Privatnaya Marka"will help you in acquiring everything you need - a free consultation will be a nice bonus for those who have just started their business. We offer to buy quality goods at an affordable price - choose your own style. Pay attention to the trends of recent seasons and become the proud owner of the best interior - wholesale or retail goods are now cheaply available to everyone. The system of discounts is now not only for regular customers, but also for wholesalers. Would you like to have a personal conversation and discuss cooperation? We are waiting for you at the Vinodel store in Kyiv, 5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr metro station and the Slavutich metro station. Fast delivery across Ukraine and the CIS.

Many people prefer to relax with alcoholic beverages. This is not surprising, because alcohol propaganda has been operating in the CIS for a long time. "Moonshine"- something on which you can make good money. We offer starter packages for businesses and give advice. Moonshine recipes are easy to learn and implement with the help of moonshine equipment. Moonshine Ukraine is still developing, so you can make good money on it. Moonshine from sugar is something to start with, and eventually switch to elite alcohol with additives. You can buy moonshine in Ukraine and start your own business right now. You can buy a moonshine still wholesale or retail - depending on the scale of production. The Khmelnytsky moonshine does not rust and does not lose its original characteristics. An electric moonshine still is ideal, because it is suitable for home use in small volumes. So for the industrial - in large.

"Containers and bottles» - certainly important in home brewing. After all, you always need a container where you need to store alcohol. You can use plastic containers for water price Ukraine - it is economical and not very expensive. You can buy a water tank in bulk and change plastic food containers every time without bothering with cleaning. You can also buy Zaporozhye eraser containers, which are of higher quality. Kharkiv water tanks are a good alternative, because they are light. But if you have a serious production, it is better to buy a bottle of 19 liters Kyiv. A glass bottle of 50 liters is a good alternative to buy, because a glass bottle of 20 liters can be bought and used many times. In addition, you need to buy a bottle for wine Kyiv, because it helps the tastes to open up. You can buy a bottle for wine Kharkiv under the order, or directly buy a bottle of 10 liters in Kyiv in the Vinodel chain of stores.

"pressure cookers"- a new category that is already in demand, because a pressure cooker online store is very difficult to find. You can use the pressure cooker as a still for your moonshine.Pressure cookersMade from high quality alloy materials that will not rust if properly cared for. You can buy a pressure cooker multicooker inexpensively on our website.Pressure cooker pot 9 litersgreat for home use. You can buy a USSR pressure cooker an improved version of 12 liters - the manufacturing technology for a pressure cooker is similar. Order pressure cookers for moonshine and vodka in order to improve alcoholic drinks, remove smell, taste and increase or decrease the degree. Fast delivery to Kharkiv, Odessa, Zhitomir, Nikolaev, Poltava and other cities. There is also delivery to the CIS.