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If you follow the development of technology, you know for sure that now you can buy wholesale or retail goods inexpensively even on the Internet. Therefore, if you are wondering where to find a reliable supplier of goods in bulk, then pay attention to our store.Online store "Privatnaya Marka"- a place where there is everything you need for those who want to start a business from scratch. Fast delivery across Ukraine at any time will allow you to fully use the purchase in a few days. Free consultation in case of misunderstanding of the functions of the device or questions about the materials. If you want to save money and buy quality goods inexpensively, come to our Vinodel store in Kyiv, 5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr metro station and Slavutych metro station. We will be able to discuss cooperation and provide discounts, and we also have low prices from the manufacturer, which is an undoubted advantage for regular customers.

"Moonshine”- something without which one cannot imagine modern business projects related to the food industry or medicine. If you want to start a home brewing business in Ukraine, do not hesitate, because for this you need home brewing recipes and home brewing equipment. We will help you diversify home brewing from sugar with food additives from Privatnaya Marka. We offer to buy moonshine at a low price in the online store to save your time and money. Moonshine Kharkiv is delivered quickly wholesale or retail. You can buy a moonshine in Ukraine and in the Vinodel chain of stores, as well as discuss the details of cooperation. Khmelnytsky moonshine is made of metals resistant to erosion. An electric moonshine still is suitable for both small volumes of liquid for home use and for industry.

"Measuring instruments» have always played an important role in the industry, because with their help you can make high-quality alcohol. You can often hear about the durability of measuring devices of the USSR, but be sure that the measuring devices of the types from "Private Mark" are no less high quality. Measuring instruments examples can be seen in this section and make a list of measuring instruments that you need. You can buy measuring devices in Ukraine at an affordable price and save on delivery, because you can order pressure measuring devices with delivery in Ukraine and the CIS inexpensively. You can buy measuring instruments in Kyiv right now and use them to make the best alcohol in a few days.

"Aerometers"- a popular thing that can often be seen in production. Many do not even guess the application of the aerometer and how to use the aerometer. But we will help you understand the aerometer for home brewing - it's easy. And you can buy an erometer in our store, because the price of an aerometer is low.Aerometer for moonshine to buyneeded to measure the amount of sugar in a liquid.Aerometer for alcoholconvenient and practical, as it has a small size. A wine aerometer is used in large productions to control the concentration of sugar and its proportions, as well as to deal with grape varieties.Aerometer electronichas accurate indicators and does not let its owners down.