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Glass laboratory test tubes

What is the test tube for? Most have laboratories, experiments, chemistry in their heads at once. Nowadays, test tubes are more common in decor than in medicine. Very often, glass tubes are used for packaging saffron, aromatic oils, medicines, fragrances.

The test tube laboratory is the best for the embodiment of creative ideas.
Laboratory test tubes are available in capacities from 1-1000 ml in a cylindrical shape, with a semi-circular, flat or less popular conical bottom. In the laboratory, it is impossible to do without test tubes. They are used in all kinds of chemical experiments and reactions, it is in glass test tubes that reagents are mixed, they are also widely used in winemaking and the food industry.
Laboratory test tubes are made of specialized laboratory glass that does not react (neutral) to acids and various liquids, which can withstand high temperatures. Glass tubes can be made from quartz glass, it all depends on the purpose and method of application. There are also polymer and plastic test tubes. Test tube for the laboratory - use not only in medical and pharmaceutical purposes, but also in industry.

For example, flowers are grown in test tubes, in perfumery test tubes are used as vials (samplers) - perfume glass tubes. We offer a wide range of test tubes and laboratory glassware: medical glass test tubes, volumetric flasks, bottles and other glass laboratory glassware for your laboratory or workshop. Glass test tubes are used to store spices (basil, rosemary), by closing the test tube with a cork stopper, the spices will not smell and will not come into contact with moisture, which is important when storing spices. It is convenient to store and pack foodstuffs and oils in glass test tubes with a colored glass cork stopper. Sealing wax and printing on a test tube will add decorativeness and features to your product, as well as undeniably distinguish it from competitors on the shelves of supermarkets. We can also apply a pattern on the surface of a glass test tube according to your exclusive layout. For example, your company name or logo.
Looking for cheaper retail and wholesale glass test tubes? In our Privatnaya Marka store you can buy cone test tubes, glass test tubes, flat-bottomed pharmaceutical test tubes, medical test tubes, flasks and measuring cylinders, laboratory capillaries made of borosilicate glass, beakers. All this can be bought wholesale or retail.
Do you want to add a twist to the decor of your nightclub, cafe or bar? Glass test tube is an original solution for interior decoration. A test tube filled with alcohol, instead of the usual piles, will pleasantly surprise your customers! Perfect for serving shots and cocktails, and 500 ml. flasks can be successfully used as decanters.