home brewing
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home brewing

The most popular among most people has been and will be the production of brewing. Some people think that making beer at home is very difficult. In fact, knowing the technology and having everything you need at hand, you can spend a few hours getting about 30 liters of beer, and for this it is not necessary to purchase a brewery.

Beer is very popular all over the world and therefore there are thousands of beers with different flavors and aromas.

The most interesting thing about the history of beer is that this drink was not even perceived as alcoholic. The most ancient brewers were Babylonians, Syrians and Egyptians. To this day, monks are considered the best professionals in this business, as they brewed beer exclusively for themselves, which means that it was much tastier and better quality. About the history of brewing, beer brewing technology and all other information, you will be told books about brewing, which are sold in the Vinodel store.

Beer is the oldest low-alcohol drink. It can be obtained through alcoholic fermentation of malt wort with the addition of brewer's yeast and hops. Often the alcohol content of most beers is from 3.0 to 14% vol. There are also light beers with up to 2% vol. and non-alcoholic beer. Carbon dioxide in beer up to 1.0%.

Homemade beer can be made with the help of improvised means: a saucepan (about 50 liters), a fermentation tank, bottles for pouring beer. To brew beer yourself at home, you need to buy hops, malt, brewer's yeast in the Vinodel store, and we will tell you the recipes for beer and kvass brewing. Let's figure out what is what.

Malt is a grain that has been sprouted, dried and processed beforehand. There are two main types of malt: wheat malt and barley malt. Water plays a very important role in soaking, because it should be soft, preferably spring.

Beer hops will add a slightly bitter flavor to the beer. To prepare the drink, only female non-pollinated flowers, soft cones are collected. Hops are harvested by hand, usually at the end of August. After drying, the hops must be packed in bags.

Brewer's yeast is needed to ferment the wort. In brewing, there are three types of yeast categories: top-fermenting yeast, bottom-fermenting yeast, and wild yeast. If you constantly brew beer at home, then during your experience you will encounter about 500 types of brewer's yeast and wild strains. To make beer at home, you need, for example, 1 package of 5 g yeast is designed for 20-25 liters.

You ask how to brew beer at home? Making homemade beer is easy! You can buy a home brewery, or a so-called microbrewery. But you can do without it. The most important thing in the process of making live beer is the beer recipe at home. Czech beer, Belgian beer and German beer are famous for their taste. The beer recipes of these countries are known all over the world. Beer production technology is not very complicated. Making beer at home is quick and easy! Home-made beer will differ from store-bought beer in that it does not go through the pasteurization process, due to which the shelf life of live beer is reduced (up to 14 days). By learning as many beer recipes as possible at home, you can easily go into the live beer business, and people can buy homemade craft beer.

On the Private Mark website you can buy everything for home brewing: ready-made beer sets, brewing equipment. Brewer's yeast from the manufacturer: Fermentis, Brewferm, Windsor, Mauribrew. Jatec Hop, Cascade, Magnum, Tentnanger, Challenger, Fuggles, Summit, Willament, Hallertau Traditional, Bramling Cross, Goldwood. Pale ale malt, Karamunkh, Bohemian Pilsner, Karaaroma, Viennese, Karaamber, Karabelj, Wheat, Karapilz, Karafa III. And also, the ingredients for brewing can be purchased at our Vinodel stores (Kyiv, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Donetsk, Kharkov, Kirovograd, Odessa, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Almaty, Astana, Chisinau, Georgia, Armenia).

Brewing at home is easy, but with us it's also interesting!