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Online shopping is now at the peak of popularity. Many use this technology in order to find a reliable supplier of goods in bulk. Online store «Private Mark»provides the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Free consultation for those who require advice in choosing things and equipment. Wholesale or retail goods are cheaply shipped directly, so low prices from the manufacturer do not rise to exorbitant prices. You can buy quality goods inexpensively and save money: for our regular customers there is a cumulative system, for wholesalers - a system of discounts. Place an order online and get the opportunity to buy goods wholesale or retail cheaply. If you have any problems, or want to equip your business, contact the Vinodel store in Kyiv, 5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr metro station and Slavutych metro station, and we will solve all your problems. Fast delivery across Ukraine and the CIS.

"Moonshine"came to us suddenly, but it is worth noting that this trend has not gone away for many years. People come up with a lot of moonshine recipes and earn money from it. You can always buy moonshine equipment on our website and save time and money. You must have noticed that home-brewing in Ukraine is now developing. Moonshine from sugar is now changing for the better, now you can buy a moonshine still and create elite drinks on your own. Moonshine Kharkiv is a quality thing that does not change its original characteristics. You need to buy Khmelnytsky moonshine in order to be sure of the composition of alcohol. An electric moonshine will help create alcohol, vodka, cognac and more. Experiment with the moonshine savor both at home and on an industrial scale.

"Cooperage products» have always been in great demand not only in Ukraine, but also in the CIS. Now this popularity is returning again, because rustic style and craft bars are in vogue. You can buy Ukraine cooperage products and keep up with the times. Wood products are not only environmentally friendly, but also aesthetically pleasing. Cooperage utensils buy Ukraine is needed in order to decorate the kitchen and the hall, as well as to impress guests. If you choose wooden utensils for your business, be sure that you will become a legend. Bonpos barrels need to be bought cheaply, because this is a win-win option for decor. Also, any alcohol is well stored in barrels and acquires a divine spicy aroma.

tubs- these are wood products that are used for pickling vegetables, fruits, as well as for creating alcohol. You can buy a wooden tub in order to store grapes and prepare them to create an unusual wine. Exactlylime tubused for wild fermentation of wine, without yeast. Due to the non-tightness of the tub, delicious homemade wine and liqueurs are obtained not only from berries, but also from fruits. We offerbuy oak tuband experiment with alcohol. You can also buy a tub to use in the sauna - it is practical and not very heavy.Buy old tubit is also possible for the entourage in an institution where there is a rustic style - a good move by a marketer.

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