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Flavoring additives and preservatives

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. The wholesale supplier has also switched to online trading. You can find a reliable supplier of goods in bulk and buy goods cheaply.Online store "Privatnaya Marka"- a place where you can easily buy goods wholesale or retail inexpensively. Here you will get many advantages: free consultation from experts, a savings system for regular customers and a system of discounts for wholesale buyers. If you have any doubts or want to see for yourself the quality of our products, come to the Vinodel store in Kyiv (5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr and Slavutych metro stations). If you do not live in Kyiv, place an order online - fast delivery in Ukraine and most CIS countries.

"Moonshine”is a new trend, because now most restaurants make their own alcohol, and bars have picked up this trend. Moonshine recipes are growing every day - now moonshine Ukraine is also developing and moonshine from sugar is no longer relevant. You can buy a moonshine still in Ukraine at an affordable price on our website - if you are a beginner, we will help you choose and buy an electric moonshine still. Moonshine Kharkiv has excellent characteristics - you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time. The Khmelnytsky moonshine still is made of high-quality metals that do not rust even with everyday use and in a humid environment.

"Flavoring additives and preservatives” are important in moonshine brewing. Flavoring additives for alcohol are often bought in order to neutralize the degree and give a special flavor to the drink. You can buy flavor additives Ukraine inexpensively on our website. It is profitable to buy food essence in Ukraine, because a small bottle is enough for many liters of liquid. If you want to make cognac with aging, you need to buy cognac essence - it will provide good taste and extend the shelf life.Food flavors buy Kharkivcan also be used to neutralize the smell of alcohol. Essences for spirits can be ordered both wholesale and retail.Buy essence for alcoholcan be at a low price from the manufacturer. Preservatives are often used in the food industry to control the shelf life of foods. Natural preservatives have a high price compared to preservatives with a chemical composition, but they retain the taste and original properties of the products just as well. Since many companies are focusing on eco-friendly products, natural food preservatives are in high demand. Therefore, we advise you to buy preservatives on our website and be sure of the quality of these products.

In the "Flavoring additives and preservatives" section you will find products for cleaning, tinctures, bonifiers, flavorings. Everything you need is available at affordable prices. Delivery across Ukraine and the CIS.