Equipment for brewing
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Equipment for brewing

Each of us must have read its composition on the label of a beer bottle. But how to brew beer at home, because there are so many things: Malt, Hops, Brewer's yeast, glucose, purified water, and additional components for beer (spices, clarifiers, stabilizers). To do this, there is special equipment for brewing, the price of which varies greatly depending on the scale on which you want to brew beer. For brewing at home, the equipment is not complicated, in short, you will need a beer fermentation tank, where you put all the ingredients for beer wort: a glass bottle or a stainless fermentation tank, an oak barrel, in extreme cases, a plastic bucket or a metal bucket. The main thing is that it should be an airtight container for fermentation. Also, for fermentation, water locks will be needed, through which excess gas will exit the tank, but at the same time air will not enter, so as not to spoil the wort. You will also need taps for the tank - this is an additional package. In the process of preparing the wort, you will also need a malt crusher or malt mill. She grinds barley malt, wheat malt, as it is not suitable for wort in grain form. When the wort ferments, it needs to be boiled, for this we also need a container with a volume of at least 25-30 liters, we recommend using a stainless pan. With the development of technology for the production of beer at home has undergone changes, now in order to avoid all the costs of the above equipment, you can buy a mini brewery or a mini brewery, the price of which is certainly not small, but the production of beer in such equipment becomes even easier, because how it is half automated.

M ini brewery or microbrewery (home brewery), will allow you to produce about 30 liters of beer per week. After you have boiled the wort, you will need to filter it through special filters. After you have filtered the wort and cooled the finished beer, it can be poured into beer containers: plastic containers, the so-called PET containers, or glass containers (glass bottles for beer). For the convenience of pouring from a large container in which beer is brewed into beer bottles, you can buy an overflow for wine and beer with a foam outlet. But that's not all, because the bottles need to be washed, for this there are a number of detergents and disinfectants on different bases (iodine, soda, oxygen) and of course our good old bottle brush. The bottles are now clean and should be thoroughly dried so that water does not get into our beer, as brewed live beer can deteriorate from this. For this, there are special bottle dryers, bottle dryers made in Italy are especially popular, which you can buy in brewing stores. The bottling of beer has been completed, at the next stage we will be helped by a special capper for beer bottles - a crown capper, and of course the crown caps themselves. You can also use bottles with a yoke stopper, which can last a very long time. Having assembled such a set of unpretentious equipment for home brewing, you can easily turn this process into your hobby, and then, perhaps, open your own live beer business, which is now so popular in our countries, and people will be happy to buy a bottle of live beer of your own. production. And appreciate the aroma and taste of good homemade beer.

All the ingredients for beer, as well as equipment for beer at home, you can buy in the shops of brewing and winemaking "Vinodel" in Kyiv, Moscow, Minsk or on our Internet resources

By spending just a few hours a week, you can get more than 20 liters of homemade live beer, and please your family and friends with a quality, environmentally friendly product made by your own hands. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to feel among the brewers.