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Banks with a toggle lock

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Did you know that such an ordinary object as a glass jar is relatively young. Jams were first packaged in glass jars in the 19th century. Gradually, banks appeared in every home and now it is difficult to imagine your life without these dishes. No matter how the world changes, no matter how far high technologies go, the glass jar remains the most popular container. This invention can be called unique in its kind. Of course, the shape changed, the standards were determined, as well as the types of tin lids, but the meaning remained the same.

A high-quality canning lid for jars is the key to long-term storage of preservation, so housewives pay special attention to this moment, and therefore glass jars with a toggle lock have aroused great interest. Now every housewife can buy a jar with a reusable lid to store her masterpieces in beautiful, and most importantly, convenient and practical jars.

Why are drag cans so good? The advantages are much greater than the disadvantages. And to be precise, there is only one drawback - glass tends to break. Let's look at the better side of this issue. The yoke jar is sold complete with a glass lid, a rubber gasket and a lock. All parts are sterilized. The rubber gasket is replaced if necessary. The jar itself is made of thick glass, which ensures resistance to temperatures and shocks. All these facts speak about the versatility and long-term use of this product.

A jar with a yoke lid is airtight. The product does not change taste, color and smell, as it is completely isolated from the external environment. Because of these features, restaurants use zip-lock jars for desserts.

Jams, preserves, honey, caviar, sauces, ghee and a host of other products can be stored in Eurolock jars. Various shapes and capacities from 50 ml to 1100 ml make it possible to match jars for spices and groceries.

Many manufacturers of cosmetic products choose glass containers for creams, salts, butters, scrubs, soaps, and other handmade products, as plastic releases toxic substances over time, which calls into question the quality of the product itself.

Rope jars with a lid are reusable, high-quality, safe and easy-to-use containers. You can buy cans with a yoke lock in bulk on our website and forget about the tedious and often unproductive rolling of ordinary cans.