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Sealing wax or wax prints are a fashionable and up-to-date way to add some classics and mystery to envelopes, invitations, postcards, scrolls, albums and hand-made goods.

History: in the old days, every wealthy family had a family seal for sealing wax, they depicted the heraldry of the family. Such wax clichés were passed down from generation to generation. The brand was put on letters of special importance and on wine bottles in order to decorate and avoid forgery. Over time, the technology of sealing documentation with the help of sealing wax has departed. Now this method is more used in decorative terms, in order to give things a certain vintage.

What kindimages for wax sealsdo we apply?
- for a wedding: initials, rings, any drawing on the theme of "love"
- for the institution and the company: name, logo on the stamp, slogan, motto.
- for decor: symbols, any drawings, signs, animals, flowers, crown, monogram, funny inscriptions, letters.

Seal sizes for sealing wax: for envelopes, gift wrapping and bouquets, invitations, sizes from 10 to 150 mm are suitable - this is an EXCLUSIVE seal size that ONLY we have. We develop each print individually, based on your needs.

How to order a print?

Write to us in online chat, Viber, email and send the product code to the one you likeprints from our catalogor send your design. We will contact you to clarify the details of the product and discuss the terms. Next, we're going to print. You receive the finished stamp at the carrier's office or in our Vinodel store, having received a master class on working with printing and sealing wax as a gift!

Why are you buying from us?

  • Our price corresponds to the quality - wax seals meet all technical standards, we manufacture and test them ourselves. You get verified andhigh quality cutting tool. The seal for sealing wax made by us will definitely be inherited by your children.
    We are often approached by clients with a problem: “We bought a seal cheaper, but it does not print on sealing wax. The whole drawing merges, and pieces of sealing wax remain on the stamp. What to do?" Solution of the problem .