Table grape varieties
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Table grape varieties

Table grapes are consumed fresh. Modern grape selections have beautiful dense bunches, large berries, refreshing taste and delicate aroma. The sweetest areAsian grape varieties. Due to their resistance to transport and long shelf life, some table grapes have been commercially successful in the market. The popularity of table varieties is very high. And this is not even looking at the fact that they require a kind of care and cultivation techniques compared to technical grapes.

Why is it recommended to eat fresh grapes?

  • Grapes are rich in vitamins A, C, P, K, B groups.
  • The berry, rich in 150 components, affects the human circulatory system, improving clotting and hematopoiesis.
  • The pulp contains the most valuable easily digestible sugars: glucose and fructose.
  • Antioxidants "prolong" the youthfulness of the skin, regulate the content of fat in the blood, strengthen the immune system.

The yield and appearance of table grapes are directly related to such factors as: climate, terrain, soil, number of sunny days and air temperature.

Proper care of the vine and the fight against parasites and pests: grafting, artificial pollination, removal of foliage, thinning of fruits in clusters, etc.

Table varieties are divided intored,white,pinkand by maturity: very early grapes, early, medium, medium-late and late. For the northern regions it is better to takefrost-resistant grape varietiesbecause winter can be harsh. Grafted grapes yield faster than own-rooted grapes, but rootstock shoots must be removed to concentrate nutrients in the scion. Check out the huge range of seedlings in the sectionViticultureand order seedlings by mail. Also look at 2-year-old grape seedlings live in the Vinodel chain of stores in Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow.