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Hobbies, gifts, toys

Hobbies, gifts and toys

Making surprises for your loved ones is a special pleasure and even a reason is not always needed. Just to present to your loved onescomfortable or trendy item, which can be used daily or made part of everyday life. For women, men and children, a bag will be an excellent choice. It could be:

  • a folding backpack that transforms from a compact bag into a huge capacity;
  • organizer bag with pockets for comfortable storage of essentials;
  • for a laptop, protects the PC from damage during transportation;
  • business portfolio for documents and necessary trifles;
  • suitcase for children with a high handle and strong wheels;
  • a waist bag for the phone and all sorts of little things that should be at hand;
  • eco bag is a trend that replaces bags with a stylish accessory with an interesting print and inscriptions.

Duvet covers, pillowcases, elasticated sheets, bedding sets, decorative pillows and soft chair seatsfrom natural fabrics, such as linen, satin, percale, jacquard and velvet - this is the perfect way to show care for your loved ones. High-quality materials do not deform from washing and operation, do not cough, do not shrink, are pleasant to the body and absolutelysafe for health. Products that will last for decades.

For those who are fond of aromatherapy or simply like to feel bright or enchanting aromas in the house, aroma candles with or without magnetic candlesticks, an aromatic diffuser and fillers for it, and a spray for the home are suitable.

A teenager will love wireless headphones and speakers in the shape of a cylinder or rectangle.original designand clear loud sound, everything a child music lover needs. Yes, and an adult will not refuse such a present.

Classic gifts for all occasions:

  1. cool photo frames, unique designer photo holders;
  2. porcelain or transparent Tiffany vase;
  3. umbrella or raincoat;
  4. wall clock of an unusual shape, but attractive;
  5. decorative jewelry organizer and ring holder;
  6. floor or table lamp.

Flowers and women are inseparable, but instead of a chic bouquet of cut flowers, it is better to give a flower pot, a hanging planter or an eco-friendly growing kit.

The Vinodel chain of stores and the online store Private Label offer quality,without inflated pricesa product that will satisfy the needs and desires of any buyer. In the category gifts, hobbies and toys you will find the above assortment, as well as aircraft models and quadrocopters, chandeliers with crystal and high-strength glass are stunningly beautiful, and much more.