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Most modern business owners want to save not only money, but also time. Therefore they do all their shopping online. You can also find a reliable wholesaler and shop online. Buying quality goods inexpensively is a new trend that has captivated the entire Western market. Please note that we have low prices from the manufacturer, which you can't help but like. You can buy goods wholesale or retail inexpensively without leaving your home, or come to the Vinodel store in Kyiv 5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr metro station and Slavutych metro station.Online store "Privatnaya Marka" Online store "Privatnaya Marka"- the best store that supplies wholesale or retail goods cheaply. We also have a savings system for regular customers, which is very convenient.

"Moonshine” - this area has received special attention. You can find many moonshine recipes that will amaze you. But to create high-quality alcohol, you need to have good moonshine equipment and basic knowledge. This is what moonshine Ukraine is based on. Any industry for the creation of vodka or alcohol begins with moonshine from sugar, and then you can experiment with additives. You can buy moonshine and start your small business right now. It is best to buy a moonshine in Ukraine on our website - we guarantee the quality of the equipment. Moonshine Kharkiv does not rust even with constant contact with water. Relish the moonshine still is ideal for constant work - the mechanisms are durable. The moonshine is electric - compact and convenient even for beginners, so you can safely buy this equipment for your home.

"Measuring instruments”- without them it is difficult to imagine at least one process in the industry. Each stage has its own measuring instruments examples, because this is a guarantee that the products will have a good taste. USSR measuring instruments have always been the standard of quality, but now there is a list of measuring instruments that are hundreds of times better. You can find the name measuring instruments on our website, and then with the consultant it will be determined which types of measuring instruments you need for work. We advise you to immediately buy measuring instruments in Ukraine in bulk in order to save money, or to come to the "winemaker" store and try out all the instruments you are interested in. You can also buy measuring instruments Kyiv and place an order online.

"thermometers» - You have probably heard about how important it is to have a thermometer at home. Types of thermometers you can see on our website. The most popular thermometer is medical - it is in every home. You can buy a thermometer wholesale or retail. We also offer mechanical thermometers - they are useful in industry. An infrared thermometer has a high price, but it is indispensable at home and useful because of its accurate readings. Please note that we have low prices for liquid thermometers, which are always useful in the kitchen and in the production of moonshine.Alcohol thermometer 0-100designed to measure the temperature in a thermostat. The alcohol thermometer for measuring the temperature of alcohol determines well how hot the liquid is and does not burst, because it is made of high-quality glass. Alcohol thermometer up to 100 degrees and up to 200 degrees - choose what is more suitable. The medical alcohol thermometer was tested by our customers, and we confirm with confidence that the Kyiv alcohol thermometer is made to last. Therefore you canbuy alcohol thermometerand use it for its intended purpose for many years. Make an online order or come to the store to discuss the details of cooperation.