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RTI products

The concept of rubber products, types and name of the range of goods. Molded products RTI.

RTI products

RTI (Rubber products) - these are various seals, seals, caps protecting against moisture and dust, rings and much more made of rubber and vulcanized rubber for use in many industries. The entire range of rubber goods is divided into shaped and non-shaped products.

  • Molded productsthere are more than 20 thousand items. This name was derived from the method of manufacturing rubber goods, which are poured directly into the mold, or the products are formed and vulcanized in a special mold. They are applicable in many areas of activity, ranging from the food industry, ending with mechanical engineering and shipbuilding;
  • Informal products- these are rubber profiles of different sizes and lengths. Their production takes place in two stages. In the first stage, the mixture is extruded to form the rubber, in the second stage, the product is sent to the vulcanization tanks.

Thus, the production of repair kits andcomponentsfor many industries. The network of Winemaking and Private Label stores offers a variety of choicesRTI products, which includes shock absorber legs, rubber caps and plugs with a hole, without a hole or with a valve, seals for threads and caps, rubber rings seals for ceramic plugs, a cap with a hole for a water seal, a rubber adapter for a faucet without a thread, chambers for gas sampling, etc.