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Electric heaters from the manufacturer

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Now is the twenty-first century, the century of modern technology, rapid progress in absolutely different and in general every sphere of life, even science. It is worth delving into such recent times, a few hundred years ago, and we can see a significant and completely colossal difference. Now several types of production and science can intertwine in one product and create a unique product in which everything is harmonious and works as a functioning tandem.

Now they just don’t come up with anything, each is absolutely unique and special in its own way. But admit it, you can imagine our life without a lot of things (from the latest technologies and gadgets), but it’s definitely impossible without heat and light. Although we have moved away from those ancient times of bonfires and candles for a very long time, but the need remains, but now, fortunately, there is electricity that will satisfy it easily, quickly and comfortably. And if we can warm ourselves like in the good old days, atmospherically near a candle or sitting in front of a fire, then in the technological rows of production processes everything doesn’t work so simply, technologies and sequences are much more complicated.

To date,heat, namely electric, namelyelectric heater, is widely used and applied in almost every kind of activity, everywhere it has a place, almost at all stages of this or that action. But he is the safest of all, it is best to choose it in order to protect yourself and your appliances from unnecessary troubles, and, importantly, you can dose it.

Blocks of heating elements (TENB) -this isheatingelements made up of severaltubular heaterson one flange. And what are theseheating elements?Heating elements - electric heating device, which looks like an ordinary metal tube, but inside which there is a heat-conducting electrical insulator, a special conductive thread of a certain resistance passes through its center to transfer the necessary power to the surfaceTENB.

In fact, this is a very famous modern device that is used by a lot of people of different generations. He seems to come from the future, interesting and completely new, he has a lot of his own privileges and this is one of the most common today, as well as quite universalelectrical heating appliances.And for equipment that needs more power, they use it right awayblocks of heating elements, several together on one common platform (abbreviationTENB). It is they who are remembered when it comes to the power and reliability of this kind of product.

It is worth remembering that there are different areas of application of the device, and only one will be needed for a small electric kettle.heating element, small and neat, because it does not require huge power as such. But, for example, if you heat up a whole pool, then such a smallheating elementand will not help at all, that is, a wholeblock of tubular electric heatersso that he can practically heat every drop of it, efficiently and quickly.

In what areas are they used and why? Dataelectric heaterthey are used where an increased additional power of the device is needed, and not only, since they are used for various equipment,TENBinstalled on various equipment: boilers, electric boilers, domestic water heaters, also for heating weak chemical acids or alkalis, flow heaters, liquid containers, industrial and domestic boilers, instantaneous and storage water heaters, and many others.

Mostly,tubular electric heaterused in everyday life, as well as in various industries, in other words,blocks of heating elements- this is a very important and almost irreplaceable element of heating technology, which ensures its smooth and correct operation, and most importantly, efficient and safe.

Electric heatersare simply wonderful multifunctional inventions that you can be proud of. BUTblocks of tubular electric heatersis their main element. If you have not noticed before, then heating elements can be found in almost every apartment: in washing machines, boilers, electric kettles, double boilers, irons, and so on. Their role in our life is very great, because it is they who provide us with warmth and other benefits that make our life more comfortable.Block of tubular electric heaterscreated by an American famous paleontologist. And they completed it in order to quickly and comfortably heat gas, water in large volumes, they are designed to save mounting and seating places in completely different capacious tanks.

What are the advantagesheating elementfor client? It was their advantages that madeblock of tubular electric heatersa universal tool that has now become very popular not only in factories and plants. They are very versatile in use, because they are used inheatinga wide variety of media: gases, alkalis, acids, oils, water, bitumen. They are reliable in operation, resistant to shock and vibration, which makes life easier for us, because we do not have to buyTENBa new one due to the fact that the old one was damaged and stopped functioning properly, in this case it does not threaten you at all. The operating temperature of thiselectric heatercan reach 800 °C and this makes it possible to use them in infrared heaters. Another bonus is that there is a quick heating of water with a very minimal cost of electricity and, accordingly, small financial costs, which is very profitable and wonderful for people who like to save money. Long service life, easy repair and maintenance - all this will be with you with the purchaseblocks of heating elements.And also this is just a wonderful product in terms of reliability: if suddenly one ofheating elementburns out, then there is no need to immediately replace it, it will be able to serve without it for a certain period of time, and if it were only a single one, then the replacement would be absolutely urgent. It is impossible not to note their safety, because the health and integrity of the client is above all with us, it is also amazing how comfortable it is to use our blockstubular electric heaters,what exactly the manufacturers and of course we took care of.

Electric heater blocksouronline store "Private Mark"intended forheatingwater in different reservoirs. Yes, those are the onesTENB,the heated medium of which is water. Their peculiarity is that this should occur under a pressure of 1.5 atm. Datablockscan be used as components in industrial installations, as well as electrical installations. For the very process of fastening the blocks on the object, the flange was equipped with a thread, and on the other hand, a turnkey hexagon. Any pair of contact rods can be used to connect an external circuit, and the design is one-piece and integral. And the active part of the housing must be completely in the working environment. MadeTENBwith carbon or stainless steel, copper; and the fitting material is brass, which means the quality and reliability of our product. You can order blocksheating elementsof various capacities, we have a fairly wide range of them:TENB-3,TENB-6,TENB-9,TENB-12,TENB-eighteen.Buy blocks of heating elementsYou can order from us at pleasant low prices from the manufacturer of the best quality, ordering which you will not spend more than a few minutes.

We have a wide range of even such products, so you should not worry about the quality and price, because they will pleasantly surprise you and definitely please you. We also took care of youelectric heater blockswe have a warranty period (12 months), you can definitely now be sure of the durability of this device.

In ouronline store "Private Mark"You canbuy blocks of heating elementsat prices from the manufacturer, which will pleasantly surprise you. And the quality has been tested more than once by many of our satisfied customers. It is we who intertwine manufacturability and convenience, comfort and reliability.