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Many of the owners of large enterprises have switched to online shopping. Therefore, now for the majority the question arose how to find a reliable supplier of goods in bulk.Online store "Privatnaya Marka"- salvation for those who are aimed at constant cooperation. We have experience and fast delivery in Ukraine, which is important. There is also delivery to the CIS. A free consultation will help those who are just starting their business make a choice. We offer to buy high-quality goods at an affordable price - this will save not only your money, but also time. Goods wholesale or retail cheap have never been so affordable. Low prices from the manufacturer are always stable. The accumulative system is a bonus for regular customers, and the discount system is a pleasant surprise for wholesale customers. Come to the Vinodel store in Kyiv 5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr metro station and Slavutych metro station and make sure that you can buy goods cheaply.

"Moonshine"- a relatively new category, which has already become very popular among buyers in Ukraine and most of the CIS countries. You can safely start your own business by knowing moonshine recipes and buying moonshine equipment. While moonshine Ukraine is only developing, so even with sugar moonshine you can make good money. We offer to buy a moonshine and start the production of vodka, moonshine, whiskey, cognac, tequila in a few days. Moonshine still Kharkiv is made of quality materials. You can buy moonshine in Ukraine and be sure that it will work for a long time and will not turn black or rust. We recommend an electric moonshine still - it performs quite well even under constant loads. Suitable for home production and industry.

If you want to diversify your range of products - go to the section "Everything for fermentation". Here you can buy a container for fermentation Kharkiv. It is quite durable and can serve you for many years. The Kharkiv fermentation tank is available in different versions on our website. There is also a container for mash with a water seal - this is a technologically correctly designed vessel that has good ventilation. Tank for fermentation Kyiv does not affect the taste and smell of drinks in any way, so do not hesitate and place an order in order to buy a container for mash in Ukraine as soon as possible. A plastic fermenter is now available - a great option for industry, because it is not very large and does not take up much space. We recommend containers for fermentation and storage of wine - they retain the finest flavors of wine well. If you don’t want large-sized vessels, choose a plastic fermentation tank to buy Ukraine - it is easier to transport due to its lower weight.

"Enzymes"Needed in order to get rid of the sharp taste of moonshine. There are also enzymes for saccharification of grain - they actually regulate the taste. On our website you can also find amylosubtilin glucavamorin to buy Ukraine - proven and high-quality with a safe composition will undoubtedly be suitable for production. If you decide to buy amylosubtilin glucavamorin enzymes, follow the proportions, because ifamylosubtilin Kharkivwill be in high concentration - the smell and taste will be unbalanced. Don't be afraid to start experimenting, order online - have the opportunity to buy enzymes and make alcohol more intense. We also haveenzymes for mashthat help ferment guilt. Alcoholic enzymes are also popular, because they turn moonshine into good vodka. Amylosubtilin instruction is attached.