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Bath brooms

The best brooms for a bath, we choose wisely in Private Mark!

What is a bathhouse without a nice fragrant broom? After all, as you know, when we warm up well in a bath or sauna, our pores open, and from contact with medicinal plants, the skin is cleansed, helping to release toxins. Since ancient times, the Slavs, going to the bath, took a fluffy broom from fragrant and medicinal plants, most often used:

  • oak broom;
  • birch broom for a bath;
  • nettle broom;
  • eucalyptus broom.

Bath brooms were made from these plants for a reason, because they have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties. Therefore, the ancient tradition has not lost its relevance in the technogenic twenty-first century. A steam room with a broom is especially relevant in the cold season, for example, a procedure with a eucalyptus broom will help get rid of colds. And it will also serve as an excellent prophylactic during the period of epidemics of influenza and SARS.

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In order for bathing procedures to bring maximum benefit without causing harm to health, you should carefully choose accessories for the bath. They must be made from plants grown in an ecologically clean area. You should also buy bath brooms from manufacturers who are familiar with ancient technology and know what it is to make bath brooms. Since this process is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

High quality environmentally friendly products or we buy a bath broom in a private brand

Brooms for sauna made of birch, oak, eucalyptus (and not only) with and without fillers from environmentally friendly materials will allow you to improve your health and cleanse yourself at all levels. In this section of the online store, you can buy bath brooms at the lowest prices in the SGN. Here the products of the best manufacturers from around the world are presented, which are united by the high quality of manufactured products.

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