Beer hop
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Beer hop

Many are wonderingWhy are hops added to beer?? And why is it so important tobrewing? The answer is simple! itwinemakersnature gave a berry that contains all the necessary components for the production of wine. In brewingBut everything is much more complicated: in order toextinguish the sweetness from the malt, people for a long time used various herbs and roots, which not only gavelive beerpleasant bitterness, but also contributed to the destruction of harmful bacteria, thereby prolongingshelf life of beerinbeer barrels. Many centuriesbrewerscould not find a component that would combine two functions:extending the shelf life of beerand ale and reduction of cloyingmalt sweets. But already in the VIII century, the dominant position inhome and industrial brewingbegan to occupyhop. Many opposed this progress, but still time takes its toll andbrewersmany countries started to usehopin theirbeer recipes.

But stillhoppy beerwas able to win the fight againsthoppy alesand gross. And now the wordalealready meanstop-fermented beer, and all ales are now brewed usingbeer hops.

Hop flower (cone)contains a lot of different components: Alpha acid, which gives a pleasant bitternesshomemade live beer, also aromatic oils, Beta acid andtannins,acting as stabilizers and disinfectants. Those varieties that are grown in the originalbeerlocalities such as Bavaria and Žatec are callednoble hops- they have an average degree of bitterness and have an irresistible aroma. For lovers of morestrong and bitter beerwere withdrawnspecial hop varietiessaturated with alpha acids. Therefore they are calledalpha hops. But amongbrewersthey are not widely used.

Hop harvestingtakes place in early autumn. Becausehop conescontain a very large amount of water, they are dried and packaged almost immediately so that mold does not appear on them. For acceleration, usually next tohop nurseriesbuild and dry. Whenhopdries, it is delivered to its destination (breweries), where they are stored in the dark and cool to prevent germination and oxidation.

Small breweries and home brewersprefer to just usehop cones, but on an industrial scale they usegranulated hops(ground into powder and collected into granules).

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