protection and care of grapes
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Protection and care of grapes

What is the protection and care of grape seedlings?

This is a rather difficult and laborious process. How to plant grapes?
1. You need to select a separate area. Grapes must be planted where there is a lot of sun, so that the crop ripens faster than its ripening period. We do not recommend planting trees with a large root system around the selected sector - this will negatively affect the fruiting of seedlings.
2. If you want to plant grapes near the fence, then the minimum distance from the fence is 40-50 cm.
3. If possible, it is best to plant roses with grapes - this is a good indicator of diseases - they will take over the first wave of the disease. You will notice the defeat of rose bushes and prevent the death of seedlings. ) or chlorophos (50-60g per 10 l of water) When planting, the bush is treated with Color Target + fertilizer. This preparation provides nourishment to enhance growth and improves the quality of the finished product, as well as the agent transfers its properties genetically for subsequent years.

To prevent bacterial cancers, spray the bushes with a solutionPaurinin March and September. To protect the root system from soil diseases, seedlings are fertilized with the biological product Microcom Plus. You can leave additional questions and advice on our forum.