Decal on porcelain
Приватна Марка

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Decal on porcelain

Very often people do not have enough colors in everyday life. To do this, they try to decorate everything around. Including dishes. In the online store "Private Mark» You can buy everything for decorating dishes.

Decal from the manufacturer- this is a budget way to recycle old dishes. Decals are decals that are transferred from paper to porcelain. You can make a decal at home by purchasing a set of dish decals. Knowing the decal technology, you can easily transferdecal on porcelain.

Decal on porcelain- this is not only a way to hide the flaws of dishes, but also an original gift. The decal on the cups looks good, and you can always make a custom decal - it will be a surprise for a person who is having a holiday and will definitely like it. Decal equipment can be found on our website. You can buy a decal in bulk at a cheap price in an online store or in the Vinodel store in Kyiv - 5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr metro station and Slavutych metro station. Applying a decal Kyiv is inexpensive. Also, in addition to the decal on porcelain, you have the opportunitymake a decal on glass to order.

Order a decal now - fast delivery across Ukraine and the CIS. We make decals to order, taking into account all your wishes. Decal with a name, decal with a photo, decal with a logo - it doesn't matter, because we can do everything!