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Do you want to make an individual, "private" product design by decolouring and decorating? We will develop and produce an exclusive recipe, design of containers and packaging for expensive alcohol (for example, for restaurants and hotels). An exclusive shape of a bottle with an original decor, an original bottle packaging, a proprietary recipe for a drink - this is our work. So that everyone who picks up a gift bottle with an individual decal, with natural cork of the highest quality, sealed for effect with colored sealing wax, will have a sense of specialty.

Private label is an individual approach to your needs.

A decal is a way of drawing a pattern on ceramic or glass products. The drawing is transferred to glass from paper, and then fixed in ovens at high temperature. The drawing is applied to paper by silk-screen printing or offset printing, but the second option is already outdated and almost never used. The latest in this industry is the method of drawing a picture on paper using color printers. This method is just being introduced and it is very expensive due to the cost of the equipment itself. Another disadvantage of this method is that it can only be used when printing decals for ceramics, since the printer uses inks that are not suitable for glass decals. The very word Decal or as they say Decal is of French origin. The second option is most often used by aircraft modellers, they use model aircraft decals, applying drawings to their aircraft, ships and other equipment. Their decals are distinguished by the fact that they do not need to be fired in ovens, which is why there is a separate name as an air decal. Manufacturers of ceramic or glassware use both values: decal for ceramics, decal for dishes, decal for glass. Ceramic decal is also divided into two types: glaze and underglaze, the difference in firing temperature. Another system for dividing decals is gradation according to the type of application: sliding and dry. Sliding - before application, the decal is soaked with water and then it can be moved over the surface of the product until it dries. This type of decal is used when decalling glass, bottles and ceramic dishes. Dry - the decal is applied under pressure to the surface to which the design is to be transferred. This is an old method and is now practically not used. Using decaling, you can easily make original dishes or souvenirs with your own hands. With the development of small business, it has become fashionable to decolour bottles for our own production of drinks, both strong alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can order ready-made decals for glass and ceramics, aircraft decals on our website. We also provide services for the production of finished products: decoloured bottles, decoloured cups, decoloured plates, decoloured souvenirs. Souvenir products with your company logo will emphasize your image among competitors and make you recognizable in the market.