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Everything for fermentation

Online store "Privatnaya Marka"is a unique store, which has no analogues in the CIS. Here you can find a reliable wholesale supplier of goods without any problems, place an order online and receive the goods in a few days - fast delivery in Ukraine. Quality items have become inexpensively available to everyone due to the fact that "Privatnaya Marka" cooperates with the most popular manufacturers. You can buy goods wholesale or retail inexpensively at any time and be sure not only in quality, but also in durability. Low prices from the manufacturer, a system of discounts, a free consultation - you will get many benefits by cooperating with us. Live goods can be bought at the Vinodel chain of stores in Kyiv (5 minutes walk from the metro station Geroiv Dnepr and Slavutych). Fast delivery across Ukraine works for big cities and regions.

"Moonshine» is a promising area in the industry. Without making a special contribution, you can earn money on home brewing Ukraine. To do this, you need to think over moonshine recipes, make a business plan and, depending on the volume of production, buy moonshine equipment. Of course, you can start from the usual moonshine from sugar - it is not expensive and does not require special knowledge in chemistry. You can buy moonshine on our website - we have equipment with a guarantee. You can buy Kharkiv moonshine with delivery in Ukraine. Or buy a moonshine still in Ukraine in the Vinodel chain of stores. A moonshine still is a good investment if you plan to use it every day. With the moonshine apparatus Khmelnytsky does not rust even in a humid environment. We advise you to buy an electric moonshine still - it is perfect for home production of vodka, whiskey, tequila, cognac, as well as for industrial round-the-clock work - you need to pay attention to the volume and power of the equipment.

Thinking about how to create elite products. "Everything for fermentation» will make your life easier. Here you can buy everything you need to create alcoholic beverages.Braga equipmenthelps the drink to stabilize the taste. You can buy a fermentation tank Kharkiv, which is ideal for mash. The Kharkiv fermentation tank does not change its original properties and is not covered with fungus if you wash and dry the wine fermentation and storage tanks. Please note that the container for mash with a water seal does not affect the taste of alcohol, does not give a sharp smell or taste. You can choose a container for fermentation Kyiv in the network of our stores and buy a container for mash in Ukraine at an affordable price. You can also choose a plastic fermenter and use it in the production of vodka, tequila, whiskey, cognac with aging. Ukraine needs to buy a plastic fermentation container because it is a guarantee of the quality of future drinks, because this container is intended for fermentation.

We also recommend buying yeast for wine.Yeastmade from natural ingredients. Beer yeast helps the liquid ferment and adds revs. You need to buy alcohol yeast if you want to give a special taste to a drink, or use yeast for alcohol as a flavor stabilizer for cognac, whiskey.

We also haveenzymes for mash. Enzymes for vodka, moonshine, whiskey, cognac can clarify the liquid, remove odor and extend storage.

Choose what you need for your alcoholic drinks and place an order online to turn ordinary moonshine into elite drinks in a few days.