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Sealing wax and decor

Today, as a decor, you can actively usesealing wax. Don't know how? Then you just need to read to the end, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

First you need to understand what is sealing wax? A mixture that has different colors melts at a low temperature and is called sealing wax. In its composition, you can find a large amount of resinous substances and fillers, so it goes on sale in a solid state. Sealing wax is recommended for sealing glass bottles, sealing postal and other types of letters, envelopes, invitations, postcards, parcels, packages, etc.

If, literally, the word "sealing wax" is translated, then in simple words, this is a waxy substance that can be used for sealing. Solid sealing wax can turn into a liquid or semi-liquid substance under the influence of a low temperature, and it is in this form that it can be used for gluing.

Traveling through the pages of history, we can conclude that sealing wax was found by the inhabitants of India and very soon it was actively used in Europe. Initially, sealing wax was used as a substance for sealing letters of the "closed type", and later on all envelopes.

In Russia, sealing wax began to be used by important people in documents. If there is a wax seal, then the document is important and requires mandatory implementation. In addition, it was actively used for hermetic sealing of glass bottles. In the modern world, sealing wax is used to decorate various household items and not only levels.

During the Middle Ages, sealing wax was made from wax, which was given by bees. It was melted at a low temperature and mixed with additional resinous substances, which made it possible to obtain sealing wax of different colors. As a rule, red sealing wax was made, which emphasized only the importance of a letter or document.

There were an unlimited number of recipes for making sealing wax, and they were all divided into obtaining sealing wax of a coarse and fine type. Coarse sealing wax was used to seal wine bottles or other vessels, and fine sealing wax was used to emphasize the importance of pieces of paper. In order for the sealing wax to drip more slowly, ordinary white chalk was added to it.

Thanks to the addition of various substances, sealing wax of different colors began to be invented, for example, black wax was extracted from soot, yellow from chromium, and green from verdigris.

Since 2011, many countries have abandoned the use of sealing wax as an adhesive, because more modern means were invented that protected the letter from being opened.

Sealing wax can be bought in the form of a bar of any color. A small piece must be placed in a metal container and usingelectric wax pressmelt it down. A liquid substance is applied to the flap of an envelope, postcard, at the bottom of a document, letter or invitation, on the cork or front of glass vessels. After that, a special drawing, or inscription, is quickly made by printing. As a rule, the imprint was on the ring, which was constantly worn.

Believe me, using high-quality sealing wax, you can create a unique and creative decor for any item. In addition, according to your sketches, a seal for sealing wax can be created, and on each presentation, you will leave your zest.

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