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bottle stopper

Having many years of experience in supplying such products as: cork, polymer cork, rubber cork, clogged cork, muselet and crown cork to the markets of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Estonia, we have selected leading manufacturers from Portugal, Spain and Italy.

In our assortment, bottle caps and consumables for home winemaking and brewing are ideal for your products, plastic champagne corks, to buy corks. For example:

• For still wines: cork, natural agglomerated cork, clogged cork, wine cork, shrink cap.

• For cognacs, liqueurs and brandy: combination T-stopper.

• For champagnes: agglomerated cork stopper, ribbed plastic stopper, muselet, champagne foil.

• For cider and beer: crown cork, yoke cork, champagne muselet, combined corks with natural discs.

In addition, with our own state-of-the-art cork processing facility, we can fit the cork to any bottle or change the size of your cork.

In order for your products to take their rightful place in private collections or on store shelves, we offer services for the production of products with your Brand, namely: a shrink capsule, a T-shaped cork with a plastic top and a T-shaped cork with a wooden top.