Materials for winemaking
Приватна Марка

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Materials for winemaking

Every amateur winemaker, making wine at home (garage winery), eventually faces a number of questions:

How can you improve the wine you make? What is needed for this?

How can you improve and reveal the taste of wine? How will the quality of the wine be affected if sugar is added to the wine? Which wine yeast is better to use for specific requirements and expected results? What top dressing for yeast is suitable, and which should not be taken? What is the treatment of wine with sulfur, how to properly produce sulfitation (sulfitation of wine)? Potassium pyrosulfite, sulfurous anhydride - what is it and where to buy?

How to clarify wine or must (braga); more precisely, how is wine fining done? How to eliminate the turbidity of wine and what are the ways to do it? Bentonite, gelatin, tannins: what is it and what is it eaten with? Where can I buy coal to stabilize the color and aroma of wine materials and wines? What to use to eliminate unwanted tones of aging or rot in wine? If the acidity of the wine is increased, how to deal with it? Kalinat (potassium bicarbonate), or how to lower the acidity of wine?

How to prepare fermentation tanks or barrels for storing wine? Fumigation of containers, what is better oak barrels or stainless steel containers? How and how to wash bottles, bottles and suleis before pouring wine into them.

Where can you get answers to the above questions? Where to buy materials and raw materials for winemaking? These and other tasks will be happy to help you solve the managers of the company "Privatnaya Marka", they will tell you what is best, how to use it and what proportions should be.

Natural and artificial chemicals that allow you to develop, direct and control the processes of fermentation and aging of grape wines, beer, etc. drinks.