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Accessories and spare parts

Aircraft models and quadrocopters

An abundance of high-quality aircraft models, copied to the smallest detail from the original, appeared only in the 2000s, although not a single generation of children and adults are fond of flying. Technologies have improved, and materials for manufacturing have become more affordable and cheaper, so the market is saturated with new perfect models.

Aircraft capabilitiesradio controlled devicesnumerous. They perform spectacular maneuvers and figures in the air, aerobatic pirouettes, allow training and training flights, races and competitions, photo and video shooting.

Aircraft models with an electric motoreasy to maintain, do not require cleaning from fuel and exhaust, operate silently and will not stall during operation if the battery is charged. Can be used outdoors and indoors.

Models are made of high-strength materials that do not crumble when damaged, but are quite light and elastic.


Buy a quadcopterfor a child, it means allowing him to acquire an exciting hobby, skills in handling radio-controlled devices and a zone of responsibility. Drones are electronic devices that can generate interest in technology or flying, which will give a child an impetus for specialized education.

But even without thisquadrocopterwill become the number one hobby for children of any age, as well as adults, as it has:

  • large flight radius;
  • several speeds and the ability to maneuver;
  • take photos and videos and broadcast online video on the monitor of the control panel;
  • the ability to carry small objects and glow with bright lights;
  • dual controls so that parents can help lift and land the craft.

Quadcopter modelsmany and when choosing, you must take into account the age of the child. Optimal functionality, ease of operation and high strength of manufacturing materials will be a priority for children.

The network of stores Vinodel and the company Private Label has an excellent selection of leisure goods from leading manufacturers at low prices with convenient payment and fast delivery. In the section accessories and spare parts you will find for yourselfbest aircraft models and quadcoptersas well as wireless headphones and speakers.