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Sometimes it can be difficult to find a reliable supplier of wholesale goods among the many options offered by a search engine. Online store «Private Mark"is a good alternative for those who live in the CIS. This store plays the role of not only a wholesale supplier, but also a place where low prices from the manufacturer are still preserved. Therefore, if you need to buy goods cheaply, place an order online. Fast delivery across Ukraine, as well as delivery to most CIS countries. Quality items are inexpensively available in the Vinodel chain of stores in Kyiv (5 minutes walk from the Heroiv Dnepr and Slavutych metro stations) - here you can buy goods wholesale or retail inexpensively and discuss the terms of cooperation. A free consultation is available both over the phone and in the store.

Many industries create alcohol, or alcohol extracts. To purchase the necessary equipment, we have a category "Moonshine". Here you can find moonshine equipment. If you are engaged in moonshine Ukraine for the first time, then we want to advise you to read about moonshine from sugar and moonshine recipes on our website. You will also find a lot of useful information on how to make alcohol at home. You can buy moonshine in Ukraine inexpensively. Moonshine Kharkiv is made of stainless metals, which are resistant not only to constant moisture, but also to temperature extremes. Moonshine still Khmelnitsky can be selected according to the required volumes.

"Automation» an integral part for the industry. You can replace parts of the moonshine still, or upgrade it with automation. In order for the distillation process to be safe, you needbuy a receiver overflow sensor. It is also possible to control waterbuy an adapter for a water supply regulator with an electrovalve. If you need to transfer liquid, alcohol or distillate to another vessel, we advisebuy a device for automatic transfer of tap to another container. To pin something, you canbuy stand for automation. Want to save? Canbuy a water meter,buy power meter. You work with large volumes of products - in order to make life easier, you canbuy magnetic stirrerwhich is energy saving.Buy autonomous cooling systemnecessary, because it will ensure the durability of the equipment.

Order automation for equipment now and upgrade equipment in a few days.